Most Fish are Caught the Night Before

Most Fish are Caught the Night Before…

The old adage above refers to the conscientious and prepared angler who takes the time the evening before to make sure all his gear, tackle, and equipment are in good working order (even if fishing THAT day) and that they have all the necessary material (flies, leaders, tippets, etc) for the expected encounters the next day and will work/tie/procure that evening if they don’t.

In more Northern climes, as the fishing seasons wind down or end completely, Fall (ESPECIALLY after the time change) is the perfect time to start preparing and reloading for the next season or, for the anticipated winter fishing vacation(s).


Greatest Blaze Trout Season
Trout Season for Blazing Ambassador Mike Rooney

Start out by figuring what you’re going  to be fishing for and when.

This is where we take stock. Start from your flies and work backward. Inventory your favorite/most productive flies and figure out which new ones you want to try/learn to tie or are needed for planned new destinations. Identify the gaps in what you have and what you believe you need. Stock up your fly tying desk/area with raw materials and start to tie your season’s supply (with maybe a few extra for friends and as gifts). Do you have enough tippet and/or leader material and what kind of shape are your current leader systems, fly lines, and backing ? Any doubts and it’s time to clean-up, rebuild and/or replace (including all knots and connections from tippet to knot holding backing to reel arbor in spool).

There’s more than that to be done (and maybe we’ll get into that in future blogs), but, in the meantime, pour your favorite (adult) beverage, light the fire in the fireplace, turn on Radio Margaritaville, look up those wonderful destinations you’ve only dreamt about and start getting yourself ready for your next fishing vacation or your next season.


If you let yourself drift away into what you’ll be targeting, and, where and when you’ll be doing it, not only will you be getting yourself all prepared and increasing the odds of success, you’ll be enjoying a little bit of a mini-mental vacation and escape!


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  1. One of the better blogs GB Eniko has ever done! Great picture too!!


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