A Blazer Paradise — Belmond La Samanna Resort

A Taste of Paradise

If you want to truly get a taste of paradise, look no further than the Belmond La Samanna Resort on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. A reasonable 3hr and change direct flight from JFK and you are in St. Maarten. A painless customs experience, then a quick 11min cab ride and you’re at the doorsteps of Heaven on Earth. (BTW, NEVER check your bags. Rookie move and big waste of time…)

La Samanna is the ultimate luxury resort with one of the most spectacular beaches you will ever (in your life) squish your toes into. The resort itself is clearly at the top of the food chain and will not disappoint. Natural beauty, service, food, amenities and everything else at your disposal.

A Real Connection

What really struck me, and deeply connected me to La Samanna out of the gate, was one morning while I was casually reading Belmond Now, I discovered something very interesting. In the “welcome / intro” section from the CEO Roeland Vos he mentioned something like “We here at La Samanna pride ourselves in bringing the very best experiences to family & friends alike..” This resounded with me immediately because at GB&Co., we live by  our motto “Bringing family & friends together.”

As some really dumb person once said, although very true, ‘if you ever have to ask what the price is, you probably don’t deserve it.’ Perhaps. This place is certainly NOT inexpensive, however, if your smart and do a little homework, you can absolutely visit this gem on the “off” season for a, well, somewhat reasonable price tag. I will say this; it’s worth every penny spent. I was celebrating a 25 year anniversary with the bride and I would do it again in a minute!

One last highlight of our trip was one evening we were walking along the beach to the beach bar. Some great company with very good taste was hosting a company trip with about 25 lucky employees. Anyhow, they were burning wood on a firepit right on the beach. Perfect setting. I cannot lie though, truth is the firepit they were using was NOT in our category of the “Greatest.” Somewhat of a chink in the armor coming from a true BLAZER.

(PS, I did reach out to Roeland Vos with a nice note and did mention this slight weakness. We’ll see what he comes back with.)

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