🔥🔥 Check Out The Super-Sized Hunter’s Moon This Weekend! It Will Be Spectacular! 🔥🔥

Celebrate the Season: The Hunter’s Moon October 15-16, 2016

As we fall into the Autumn season, the first Full Moon, The Hunter’s Moon, will rise early tomorrow and Sunday evening. Luckily, this year it is a supermoon and will appear dramatically larger than normal in the sky.

The Native Americans referred to the October full moon as the Hunter’s Moon as it was the time of year to prepare for the winter by hunting. The October full moon has also been referred to as the Travel Moon, Dying Moon, Sanguine Moon, and Blood Moon.

Catch it in all of its glory this weekend as this spooky moon will “disappear” from the sky by Halloween.

GB&Co. welcomes the Hunter’s Moon as it is a wonderful time to gather friends and family around the fire, keep warm, and prepare for the long cold winter nights.

One of our favorite Blazers celebrating the 2016 Harvest Moon at the beach with our Blazin’ Torch!

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