Shipping Information

Please note that a number of the products we offer weigh over 75 lbs. and have specific delivery acceptance guidelines different from goods arriving to our customers via UPS, Fed Ex or the USPS. You will be notified at check-out if the product you are purchasing falls under these guidelines and will have to agree to the delivery terms in order to receive an order confirmation.

  • If an individual product weighs over 75 lbs. it will arrive to your residence via common freight carrier.
  • It will arrive on a pallet and the truck will be equipped with a lift to help off-load the product.
  • Someone has to be at the residence at the time of delivery.
  • The customer must make certain the product is not damaged and has arrived in the same condition as when it left our distribution facility. They must inspect for any structural damage or defects that may have occurred during transport. If the customer is satisfied the product meets these specifications, they sign the delivery documents and accept ownership of the product.
  • If the product is found to be damaged or defective as a result of the transport, the customer must indicate that in writing on the shipping documents and/or refuse the shipment entirely for that reason.
  • A signature will be required for all shipments, accepted or refused.
  • The driver will unload the pallet off of the truck in a reasonably accessible spot.
  • Some assembly will be required.

Greatest Blaze & Co. and their affiliations assume no responsibility for products weighing over 75 lbs. that are damaged during transport from our distribution facility to your home.