Blazin Kiln-Dried Fire Torch Bundle

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Blazin Bundle of 3 Kiln-Dried Firewood Torches

Pay Less, Get More with our Premium Bundle of Kiln-Dried Firewood Torches.  If you've never experienced our Blazin Fire Torches, this is a great way to jump in and experience the different aromas of our 3 Wood Species; Pinon, White Pine & Juniper.

Our Blazin Firewood Torches are conveniently sized logs made of aromatic kiln-dried woods. Equipped with a convenient carry handle, our Blazin Torches are a perfect portable fire take-along; great for camping, hiking, at the beach, in your own backyard, or anywhere a blaze is appropriate. Ideal for fire-pits or starting a small bonfire. Simply light the starting wick in the front, and in minutes you’ll be enjoying a nice little fire.

  • Convenient & easy to carry
  • Each torch is approximately 10″ h X 6″d
  • Burns clean from the inside, out
  • Each torch provides up to 120 minutes of fire
  • Torches are also sold individually
  • Makes a great gift

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We recommend finding a fire safe area free of debris to burn your Blazin Torch. The torch will leave behind a small amount of ash and should only be burned outside on a flat surface.


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