Greatest Blaze + The Darien Butcher Shop

Greatest Blaze & Co. Enters into Strategic Partnership with The Darien Butcher Shop – Announce Plans to Expand in Fairfield County!

Greenwich, CT — Greatest Blaze & Co., the Greenwich-based lifestyle and premium firewood company, and Darien, CT-based butcher shop and market, The Darien Butcher Shop, are pleased to announce that they are joining forces to expand market share in Fairfield County. As part of the arrangement, Greatest Blaze & Co. will provide premium cooking and fire woods, Blazin’ Torches, home accessories, and other hard goods for sale at the market. The Darien Butcher Shop will provide event hosting, butchery classes, catering services, and the best premium beef in Darien, for Greatest Blaze & Co. burgeoning events business.

“All of us at Greatest Blaze & Co. are thrilled to align with the ‘Greatest’ butcher shop and market in Fairfield County. This partnership is a natural fit for both companies as Darien Butcher Shop and Greatest Blaze & Co. share similar passions.  Plus, Peter Crawford has great talents as a chef and runs this great business that goes out of their way to please their customers,” commented John Heffernan, co-owner of Greatest Blaze & Co. “We share a lot of the same values — bringing family and friends together, best in class products, emphasis on customer service — and we both love what we do. We look forward to growing our business alongside them.”

“We are very pleased to forge a meaningful business relationship with the folks at Greatest Blaze & Co. We both love cooking, grilling, gathering friends outside, so our schedule of Pit Master events and classes showcasing butchery and cooking skills will expand and enjoyed by all,” stated Peter Crawford, Owner and General Manager of The Darien Butcher Shop. “And Greatest Blaze & Co.’s premium woods and uniquely curated products will be a welcome addition to our offering and will be a hit with our customers.”

The Darien Butcher Shop and Greatest Blaze & Co. are perfect partners. Both stress family, friends and social gatherings for all occasions.

Several co-branded events are scheduled for the new partners through the summer and into the holidays, including charity events in Fairfield County.

About Greatest Blaze & Co.

Greatest Blaze & Co. provides premium kiln-dried firewood to residences and businesses in Fairfield and Westchester Counties. This Summer, Greatest Blaze & Co., expanded their delivery area to include The Hamptons and other parts of Long Island.

Beyond providing the best firewood available, Greatest Blaze & Co. offers an expertly curated collection of products to equip the Blazer in us all.

Created by a close-knit group of friends who share a love of wood-burning fires, Greatest Blaze & Co. embodies a culture with its own code; always embrace family and loved ones, live responsibly and appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

The world is busy and complicated these days. Things are happening so fast that we sometimes forget the simpler things in life. We found that our most cherished moments were spent around a warm, crackling fire and we thought if we could somehow share those moments more often and with more people, life, in general, would be much better.

Welcome to the Blazer life.

About The Darien Butcher Shop

The Darien Butcher Shop (DBS) serves Lower Fairfield County as a premiere neighborhood-style destination for the highest quality meat.  Darien native and Chef/Owner Peter Crawford’s longstanding relationships with the best suppliers and decades of training in top restaurants have brought a new level of exceptional service and expertise to the greater Darien community.

The Darien Butcher Shop staff cater to these local tastes with a real passion for excellent food and knowledge about it. Recognizing that the perfect meal doesn’t begin and end with only the meat — The Darien Butcher Shop also offers house-made, crowd-pleasing side dishes as well as a thoughtfully curated selection of gourmet specialty products and pantry items.

At The Darien Butcher Shop, you may come in for a pork chop, but you will likely leave with a new recipe, fresh bread or veggies, some BBQ inspiration…and a new friend.


LOCATION  |  13 Grove Street, Darien CT 06820



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