Introducing Greatest Blaze & Co. Honey

After a long search, our Blazer Beekeeper Julie (and Apiarist for over a decade) found the perfect honey for Greatest Blaze and Co. to call its own.

She had several criteria tempering her search, it had to be local, fresh, of high quality, and of course delicious. After tasting and testing, she found a producer in upstate New York that fit the bill.

We just received our first shipment of this premium honey and will be putting it up on the GB&Co. site shortly.


Beyond tasting delicious, there are many other wonderful facts about honey:

1. Honey never spoils
2. Bees make lots of honey.
3. Honey was a hot commodity in Medieval Europe.
4. Bees survive on honey during winter.
5. Honey is medicinal. Because the substance is so inhospitable to bacteria, it was often used as a natural bandage to protect cuts and burns from infection. Today, honey is still used as a natural treatment for dandruff, stomach ulcers, and even seasonal allergies.
6. A little honey goes a long way.
7. There are many different colors and flavors of honey.
8. Not all bees make honey.
9. And not all honey is made by bees. (Didn’t know that…)
10. Bees have made honey for millions of years.
11. Evolution allows us to easily find great honey at GB&Co. 🙂
12. Beekeepers only take that which is extra.
13. Honey is good for the environment and the economy.
14. Bees are a surprisingly versatile food source.
15. Honey vendors went to great lengths to attract consumers.

(Excerpted from Mental Floss: 15 Honey Facts Worth Buzzing About)

Added bonus: GB&Co. honey is great to drizzle on pizzas.


We love it hope that you will too!


Stay tuned…

WARNING: Honey should not be consumed by infants under one year of age or those with a compromised immune system.

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