To state the obvious, burning perfectly aged firewood is our foundation here at Greatest Blaze & Co.  The vessel that our gold is burned in is another…

Our BLAZE MONOLITH TOWER has quickly become a dominant feature in our arsenal of “Greatest” products

Let’s break down what exactly it is;

The “Made in America” Monolith is much more than just a fire pit.  We like to say that it’s a portable outdoor fireplace that can be used to enjoy a relaxing blaze with ‘family and friends’, or simply by yourself on a perfect evening!   It stands 6’ tall and weighs over 400lbs

Our big-3 “secret sauce” categories:


This incredible design not only is nice on the eyes, but it’s also so much fun to use.  It has an open front (and rear) access point to add / maneuver logs.   The fire sits in a removable steal-tray to keep the embers, logs and fire blazing in a contained area.  On the bottom of the Monolith is a perfect area to store your firewood


The Monolith is precision cut from heavy-duty 3/16’ American steel.  Every inch is hand rubbed with an FDA-approved linseed oil that creates natural water repellant which gets baked into the steal with every use.  This application also makes it free of toxins when heated.  Many other (cheaper) outdoor fire pits, use variations of paint and powder coatings that will chip and degrade over time when exposed to high temperatures..


Although it weighs 400+ pounds, it sits on rubber pilasters so it can be wheeled around and placed in to a perfect spot.   The covered storage area at the base protects your firewood from moisture and extreme elements so its stays dry and ready to go when activated.  It also has a lifetime warrantee!

The Monolith comes in 7 pieces and needs to assembled.  Depending on how handy you are, it takes about an hours’ worth of time.  If you are local to our area in Greenwich CT we are happy to assemble and deliver to your home for a small fee

This American-made beast is built so well that you will OWN the bragging rights with everybody you know as having the ultimate outdoor fire tower!


Do You YuYu? The Warmest Accessory of the Season!

YuYu Is GB&Co.’s Most Recent Find (and One of This Year’s Hottest Christmas Gifts in the UK and Europe) Is A GB&Co. Exclusive!

Discover the World’s first long water bottle — the YuYu. Found at Harrod’s, Yves Delorme, Selfridges, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, The Ritz, The Dorchester, and The Four Seasons, the YuYu is the world’s most luxurious hot water bottle!

The YuYu is a GB&Co. exclusive and we’re the only company carrying this awesome holiday gift in the United States.

Do You YuYu?

If you live in a cold area, suffer from aches and pains, or just enjoy the sensation of gentle, soothing heat on your body, you surely need to YuYu.

Celebrities like Kate Beckinsale love their YuYus.



Even the Royal family are owners of the cutest and hottest best friends in town!



Made With The Finest Materials and Craftsmanship

The YuYu bottle is made of the highest quality natural rubber, eco-friendly, biodegradable, flexible and soft and are designed for optimal length and heat insulation. The long and flexible shape means that more parts of your body are kept warm at the same time.

Your YuYu will stay hot for 6-8 hours depending on the temperature of water you fill it with originally.

Stay warm this winter with YuYu.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

The YuYu bottle is getting rave reviews:

Get Your YuYu Today

GB&Co. has several versions of the YuYu to choose from:

The Cashmere YuYu is covered in a luxurious blend of 10% cashmere and 90% merino wool with Mother of Pearl buttons and comes beautifilly wrapped in gold infused Japanese Sanwa tissue paper within a gold YuYu luxury gift box.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-12-22-47-amOur English Rose YuYu is covered in beautiful and elegant Tencel Cotton and comes with an oversized sleeping eye mask. Luxuriously soft, The Tencel cover is beneficial to those with sensitive skin due to its natural moisture management qualities. This LIMITED EDITION YuYu is presented in a circular gift box with an inverted Rose design.

YuYu Bottle Tencel

The Luxury Fleece YuYu has an extendable strap which can be tied around your body to provide hands-free heat application. Perfect for menstrual cramps, an aching back or even hiding under your coat while you’re on a dog walk.

The YuYu Warm Worm is a smaller YuYu designed for kids. It is covered in 100% cotton whimsically designed for cuteness.


Introducing The GB&Co. Blazin’ Torch

Our GB&Co. Blazin’ Torch is a portable fire pit specially designed and made of DNR approved kiln-dried white pine to provide a beautiful fire in seconds.

Perfectly-sized and equipped with a carry handle, our Blazin’ Torches are great for the patio, backyard, tailgating, beach or anywhere a nice little blaze is desired for ambiance and warmth.

Easy to use, all you have to do is light the starting wick and in minutes you’ll be enjoying a nice little fire.

Burning clean from the inside out, our Blazin Torch will provide about two hours of light and warmth.

Approximately 10″ high and 6″ round. Made by hand in Vermont.

🔥🔥 Available for FREE local pickup. 🔥🔥

Blazin’ Torch – Greatest Blaze & Co.

Just Received A Shipment of Exotic, Aromatic Piñon Firewood From New Mexico

Our Newest Find: Exotic, Aromatic Piñon Firewood From New Mexico

At Greatest Blaze & Co., we love to burn all types of wood. Burning great firewood is as important to us as drinking a nice bottle of wine.  When you sit down for an incredible dinner with friends and family or your significant other, it wouldn’t cross your mind to serve cheap wine, right?  Well, we look at it as a very similar experience with burning the GREATEST firewood. We only want the best, and we know we are onto something with our newest firewood offering.

We just received a shipment of wonderful, sustainable Piñon firewood from New Mexico.


It’s a perfect addition to our “best in class” firewood lineup. When it’s burned, Piñon has a unique and pleasantly distinctive fragrance.  It is even made into popular incense sold around the world!

Piñon is coveted for its aroma and clean, long-burning heat.

Piñon has always been coveted around the Southwest and it’s very popular on the West Coast of the United States, but it’s fairly unknown here in the Northeast. In fact, out on the West Coast, especially around some of the bigger cities like LA and San Diego, Piñon has become the new rage!

Customers can’t get their hands on it fast enough and suppliers can’t keep up with the demand.

Piñon will be a “regular” in your firepit or chimenea!

Piñon firewood lights easily, has a long burn time, and generally leaves little ash for cleanup. When you add a few pieces to your outdoor fire it will greatly elevate the experience by the incredible aroma.


It’s quickly growing very popular, which is why our suppliers are special; they are committed to sane, practical, sustainable forestry practices and to developing a long term, Triple Bottom Line model which brings value to the consumer, the producer and the forest. In essence, our Piñon wood is the Fair Trade coffee version of wood!

We are very excited about Piñon and hope that you are too.

Stay tuned for ordering details…

Interesting Facts About Piñon Wood

Piñon pine is a small tree, usually from 10 to 30 feet high.  The seeds are edible and were an important source of food for Native Americans. Today, the popular pine nuts you purchase at the grocery store are mainly from Piñon pine.

An interesting aspect of Piñon firewood is that the “sap” contained in the wood is a natural mosquito repellant.  Early Native Americans would burn Piñon firewood regularly to specifically aid in the nuisance of keeping mosquitos and airborne pests away.

Piñon wood (also spelled Pinyon or Pinon) comes from the high mesas and rolling plateaus and foothills of the Rocky Mountains across the Southwest of the United States.  Piñon does not grow in forests but rather in isolated clumps and clusters.  When it gets too tightly packed it becomes dwarfish and prone to mistletoe.  We target those areas for thinning in all our work.



Mosquitoes Are Terrible This Year! Help Protect Your Family with our GB&Co. All-Natural Zika Buster Crate!

It seems like every time the news is on there is a new mosquito-borne threat —Dog Heartworm, Eastern Equine Encephalitis “EEE”, Western Nile — to mention a few, and now ZIKA Virus. Well, us BLAZERS have been working hard to create a natural solution to the rapidly growing mosquito problem. We have combined two effective ways to help control those pesky mosquitos that are in the forefront of all of our minds and breeding wildly in our backyards around the country.

The combination of BAT HOUSES and PIÑON FIREWOOD creates a perfect insect repellent package. The use of BAT HOUSES actually helps to conserve the bat population and burning PIÑON FIREWOOD not only keeps mosquitos at bay, but also emits a wonderfully unique and pleasantly distinctive aromatic smell for everyone to enjoy.

Bats have a bad rap. The truth is, our furry flighted friends are incredibly important to our environment. They are primary predators of vast numbers of insects. Each night bats need to consume their body weight in insects, and their entrée du jour are mosquitos! They can individually consume between 500 to 1,000 mosquitos in an hour, and a nursing mother may gorge on as many as 4500 in a single evening, more than their body weight. Yikes. Using chemical pesticides to kill mosquitos typically cause more long- term problems than they solve and can harm or kill bees and natural mosquito predators, like bats, more effectively than mosquitos. Over time the pesticide treadmill occurs when predators such as fish, beneficial insects, and bats die out from the pesticides while the mosquitos develop resistance.

Although no single approach to mosquito control is appropriate for all locations, encouraging natural predators should be an important element in long-term planning wherever possible. Providing additional bat roosts is a strong natural mosquito deterrent and vitally important to healthy bat conservation. A common misunderstanding is that they may pose a health threat to humans. Not true. In fact statistically, you have a much greater chance of developing rabies by being bitten by common pets such as a dog or a cat.

Another pleasant way to help control mosquitos is the use of PIÑON FIREWOOD. This long time BLAZER favorite acts as a natural mosquito repellent and discourages bugs from taking up residence in the wood while is stored. PIÑON FIREWOOD has the added benefit of emitting a wonderful aromatic pine-like smell when burned. It ignites easily and burns evenly. There are multiple ways to use PIÑON FIREWOOD. PIÑON FIREWOOD is also popular with BLAZERS to burn in firepits.

GB&C0. has combined an attractive, functional “Greatest” BAT HOUSE with our signature PIÑON FIREWOOD to offer our loyal customers a natural and pleasant hand in controlling those pesky mosquitos that seem to dominate the news cycle more than our Presidential election!


Our ZIKA Buster Anti-Mosquito Crate consists of:

Bushel Crate – Our GB&Co. crate is handcrafted from simple pine from an apple farm in Colchester VT. Our distinctive logo is handsomely branded on each side. You can also use it for lots of other household stuff!

Bathouse – Our  GB&Co. Bathouse has been carefully designed to give females a warm and safe environment to raise their pups.

“Understanding Bats” book – We found the perfect book that will educate you and your family about bats. They are delightful, gentle mammals that play a vital part of our environment. This book will also help guide you where best to hang your bat house.

Piñon Wood – Piñon a pine wood that comes from the mountains in the Southwest of the United States. When burned, it is extremely aromatic and acts a natural mosquito repellant keeping those savage mosquitos away!