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When you meet someone like Kelli Delaney you know immediately that you are going to be fast friends. She is the wonderful lady behind KDHamptons: The Luxury Lifestyle Diary of the Hamptons and has a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the Hamptons. She is kind and generous and we just love her here at Greatest Blaze & Co.

Little did we know she was a true Blazer at heart and enjoys a good fire on a Spring evening or a rainy day. Her recent article — Light It Up! How To Build The Perfect Fire In Five Minutes: My 5 Fireside Must-Haves — is a must-read if you enjoy a great fire.

She really knows her stuff. She starts:

Love cozying up to a roaring fire on a rainy day in the Hamptons? Here are KDHamptons foolproof tips to fire things up in five minutes with my must-have fireplace accessories.

Step 1. Crumble newspaper sheets into a ball and pack under the grate and between the grates…


Her directions are spot on. (We tested them out at Blazer home base and it only took us 4:32!) Start out with great firewood, add nuggets and fatwood as kindling, and use her technique and you’re golden. Seriously, it’s that easy!


We would suggest adding these two products to complete your fire making ensemble complete:
Greatest Blaze & Co. Long Matches – Greatest Blaze & Co.
Greatest Hearth Broom – Greatest Blaze & Co.

And if you want to take the warmth and comfort of your fireplace outdoors, please check out our firepits. They’re the bees knees!

Kelli also made a great suggestion that we will be adding to our site shortly. Hint: it’s in the photo with the fatwood.


Stay tuned…

(Photos courtesy of KDHamptons.)

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