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The Beautiful and Versitile Turkish Towel

A unique product to Turkey, Turkish Towels are used in many settings.  Turkish towels are Great for the beach, yoga and gym classes, and for travel. You can wear them as a sarong or scarf, or use them as a picnic or beach blanket. They are light, attractive, and dry quickly.

These towels are known by different names.  The traditional name is the Peshtemal which is the woven towel originally used to cover the body in a Turkish hamman or bath.  We now see the towels used as sarongs, skirts, as a wrap or even a dress. They have crossed over into the fashion sector!

Turkish towels are made using premium natural Turkish cotton.  The unique extra-long cotton fibers used means that the towels are more durable and softer than regular cotton towels.  Historically Turkish towels were produced using a traditional weaving process however now they are more often manufactured using machine looms.

Turkish Towels have become quite the trend and are often seen in beach cities around the world.  They are versatile, practical, attractive and light weight.  You can use as a towel, sarong and blanket!  They have the perfect balance between absorbency, softness and usability.


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