Spring Blazes

Fire Pit on Wheels

Evening by the Fire Pit:

Every picture tells a story … and this sequence of pictures tells the great story of a beautiful spring evening out by the sea.
Fire Pit Burning
As the afternoon sun got lower in the sky, the temperature got cooler we got our Fire Pit on Wheels primed and ready with a few logs …

We use only kiln-dried wood, which burns evenly for a long time and without putting a lot of smoke into the environment.

Fire Pit by the sea

Protected from the elements, the wood in our fire pit burned bright and clean, and made a great photograph as the sun went behind the clouds and it started to get dark. The warmth from the fire was much appreciated, too on a chilly evening in early April.

Finally, the sun reappeared from behind the clouds, just in time for us to catch a glorious sunset, by the fire.

nighttime burning kiln-dried wood

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  1. Great story, greater photos, greatest blaze….;-)…

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