To state the obvious, burning perfectly aged firewood is our foundation here at Greatest Blaze & Co.  The vessel that our gold is burned in is another…

Our BLAZE MONOLITH TOWER has quickly become a dominant feature in our arsenal of “Greatest” products

Let’s break down what exactly it is;

The “Made in America” Monolith is much more than just a fire pit.  We like to say that it’s a portable outdoor fireplace that can be used to enjoy a relaxing blaze with ‘family and friends’, or simply by yourself on a perfect evening!   It stands 6’ tall and weighs over 400lbs

Our big-3 “secret sauce” categories:


This incredible design not only is nice on the eyes, but it’s also so much fun to use.  It has an open front (and rear) access point to add / maneuver logs.   The fire sits in a removable steal-tray to keep the embers, logs and fire blazing in a contained area.  On the bottom of the Monolith is a perfect area to store your firewood


The Monolith is precision cut from heavy-duty 3/16’ American steel.  Every inch is hand rubbed with an FDA-approved linseed oil that creates natural water repellant which gets baked into the steal with every use.  This application also makes it free of toxins when heated.  Many other (cheaper) outdoor fire pits, use variations of paint and powder coatings that will chip and degrade over time when exposed to high temperatures..


Although it weighs 400+ pounds, it sits on rubber pilasters so it can be wheeled around and placed in to a perfect spot.   The covered storage area at the base protects your firewood from moisture and extreme elements so its stays dry and ready to go when activated.  It also has a lifetime warrantee!

The Monolith comes in 7 pieces and needs to assembled.  Depending on how handy you are, it takes about an hours’ worth of time.  If you are local to our area in Greenwich CT we are happy to assemble and deliver to your home for a small fee

This American-made beast is built so well that you will OWN the bragging rights with everybody you know as having the ultimate outdoor fire tower!


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