Opening Day

The opening of trout season is a time of expectation, transition and renewed hopes. Winter is behind us and all that Spring and Summer has to offer lies ahead.

At Greatest Blaze & Co., we love the opening of trout season because the wintry month’s of anticipation and preparation are released to reinvigorate our  three favorite senses — wonder, adventure, and discovery!

Do we rush back out at the first opportunity to throw a fly back in the home, local, flowing waters? Or are we considering taking that extra time to go and start just beyond that last bend where you stopped last year on that “new” water we discovered? Are we so filled with excitement at the start of a new season that we come in already rigged with what worked last year and start casting as soon as we arrive, or do we take a deep breath and try to absorb what is going on?

A trout fisher’s mantra — observe, try, success, failure, adjust, refine, retry, move on, repeat.

We seek quality first. We’ll go (far) off the beaten path for the (probably better) experience. We’ll take our time and observe not just what is happening in the water, (water conditions, flows, hatches, rise forms), but what’s happening all around us. What plant life is visible and in what stage? What animals do we see? What birds are around what are they doing? We ask ourselves: can any of this help unlock what the trout’s preferred diet is at this particular moment?

We love the “interconnected-ness” of it all and enjoy the lessons we get along the way. The more and new areas we push ourselves through and to, the more we feed our three senses. It’s the gift of fishing that keeps giving and goes beyond just “catching” (and is the main reason we release, in gratitude for these wonderful animals’ ability to stoke those senses and the continued growth we experience.

So, get out there and take in all this great sport has to offer. We’ll see you on the rivers and streams (or, maybe we won’t.) 🙂


A keeper on the fly is as good as it gets. Especially if prepared right and served to family and friends. Enjoy!

Anatomy of a Classic: Trout with Spring Vegetables | Garden and Gun

3 thoughts on “Opening Day

  1. Does anybody know where the picture was taken? Some clarity on who posted it would be interesting…

  2. Your best blog yet.. This dude REALLY knows of which he speaks (ok, writes..;-)..).. GREAT photo, too…

  3. The trout and spring veggies looks amazing. Can’t wait to try it. Also, the video is very cool..
    Great blog!!

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