Mosquitoes Are Terrible This Year! Help Protect Your Family with our GB&Co. All-Natural Zika Buster Crate!

It seems like every time the news is on there is a new mosquito-borne threat —Dog Heartworm, Eastern Equine Encephalitis “EEE”, Western Nile — to mention a few, and now ZIKA Virus. Well, us BLAZERS have been working hard to create a natural solution to the rapidly growing mosquito problem. We have combined two effective ways to help control those pesky mosquitos that are in the forefront of all of our minds and breeding wildly in our backyards around the country.

The combination of BAT HOUSES and PIÑON FIREWOOD creates a perfect insect repellent package. The use of BAT HOUSES actually helps to conserve the bat population and burning PIÑON FIREWOOD not only keeps mosquitos at bay, but also emits a wonderfully unique and pleasantly distinctive aromatic smell for everyone to enjoy.

Bats have a bad rap. The truth is, our furry flighted friends are incredibly important to our environment. They are primary predators of vast numbers of insects. Each night bats need to consume their body weight in insects, and their entrée du jour are mosquitos! They can individually consume between 500 to 1,000 mosquitos in an hour, and a nursing mother may gorge on as many as 4500 in a single evening, more than their body weight. Yikes. Using chemical pesticides to kill mosquitos typically cause more long- term problems than they solve and can harm or kill bees and natural mosquito predators, like bats, more effectively than mosquitos. Over time the pesticide treadmill occurs when predators such as fish, beneficial insects, and bats die out from the pesticides while the mosquitos develop resistance.

Although no single approach to mosquito control is appropriate for all locations, encouraging natural predators should be an important element in long-term planning wherever possible. Providing additional bat roosts is a strong natural mosquito deterrent and vitally important to healthy bat conservation. A common misunderstanding is that they may pose a health threat to humans. Not true. In fact statistically, you have a much greater chance of developing rabies by being bitten by common pets such as a dog or a cat.

Another pleasant way to help control mosquitos is the use of PIÑON FIREWOOD. This long time BLAZER favorite acts as a natural mosquito repellent and discourages bugs from taking up residence in the wood while is stored. PIÑON FIREWOOD has the added benefit of emitting a wonderful aromatic pine-like smell when burned. It ignites easily and burns evenly. There are multiple ways to use PIÑON FIREWOOD. PIÑON FIREWOOD is also popular with BLAZERS to burn in firepits.

GB&C0. has combined an attractive, functional “Greatest” BAT HOUSE with our signature PIÑON FIREWOOD to offer our loyal customers a natural and pleasant hand in controlling those pesky mosquitos that seem to dominate the news cycle more than our Presidential election!


Our ZIKA Buster Anti-Mosquito Crate consists of:

Bushel Crate – Our GB&Co. crate is handcrafted from simple pine from an apple farm in Colchester VT. Our distinctive logo is handsomely branded on each side. You can also use it for lots of other household stuff!

Bathouse – Our  GB&Co. Bathouse has been carefully designed to give females a warm and safe environment to raise their pups.

“Understanding Bats” book – We found the perfect book that will educate you and your family about bats. They are delightful, gentle mammals that play a vital part of our environment. This book will also help guide you where best to hang your bat house.

Piñon Wood – Piñon a pine wood that comes from the mountains in the Southwest of the United States. When burned, it is extremely aromatic and acts a natural mosquito repellant keeping those savage mosquitos away!

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