Do You YuYu? The Warmest Accessory of the Season!

YuYu Is GB&Co.’s Most Recent Find (and One of This Year’s Hottest Christmas Gifts in the UK and Europe) Is A GB&Co. Exclusive!

Discover the World’s first long water bottle — the YuYu. Found at Harrod’s, Yves Delorme, Selfridges, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, The Ritz, The Dorchester, and The Four Seasons, the YuYu is the world’s most luxurious hot water bottle!

The YuYu is a GB&Co. exclusive and we’re the only company carrying this awesome holiday gift in the United States.

Do You YuYu?

If you live in a cold area, suffer from aches and pains, or just enjoy the sensation of gentle, soothing heat on your body, you surely need to YuYu.

Celebrities like Kate Beckinsale love their YuYus.



Even the Royal family are owners of the cutest and hottest best friends in town!



Made With The Finest Materials and Craftsmanship

The YuYu bottle is made of the highest quality natural rubber, eco-friendly, biodegradable, flexible and soft and are designed for optimal length and heat insulation. The long and flexible shape means that more parts of your body are kept warm at the same time.

Your YuYu will stay hot for 6-8 hours depending on the temperature of water you fill it with originally.

Stay warm this winter with YuYu.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

The YuYu bottle is getting rave reviews:

Get Your YuYu Today

GB&Co. has several versions of the YuYu to choose from:

The Cashmere YuYu is covered in a luxurious blend of 10% cashmere and 90% merino wool with Mother of Pearl buttons and comes beautifilly wrapped in gold infused Japanese Sanwa tissue paper within a gold YuYu luxury gift box.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-12-22-47-amOur English Rose YuYu is covered in beautiful and elegant Tencel Cotton and comes with an oversized sleeping eye mask. Luxuriously soft, The Tencel cover is beneficial to those with sensitive skin due to its natural moisture management qualities. This LIMITED EDITION YuYu is presented in a circular gift box with an inverted Rose design.

YuYu Bottle Tencel

The Luxury Fleece YuYu has an extendable strap which can be tied around your body to provide hands-free heat application. Perfect for menstrual cramps, an aching back or even hiding under your coat while you’re on a dog walk.

The YuYu Warm Worm is a smaller YuYu designed for kids. It is covered in 100% cotton whimsically designed for cuteness.


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