It’s Bug Season! Get Your GB&Co. Anti-Mosquito Essentials Crate!

GB&Co. is  proud to introduce our new Anti-Mosquito Essentials Crate!

We’ve  been searching far and wide to create a simple, environmentally friendly solution to combat all those pesky mosquitos this summer and we think we have found some winners.

Inside our newest crate, we have several all-natural items to keep mosquitos at bay so you can enjoy your backyard activities with your family and friends without being eaten alive:

  • Bushel Crate —Our handy GB&Co. crate is handcrafted from simple pine at our apple farm in Colchester VT. Use it around the house!
  • GB&Co. – Exclusive Bat House — Our Bat House has been expertly designed to give bats warm and safe environment to raise their pups! Bats have a really bad rap. Truth is our furry flighted friends are incredibly important to our environment. Each night bats need to consume their body weight in insects and their entrée du jour is mosquitos! They can consume between 500 to 1,000 mosquitos in a single hour and a nursing mother may gorge on as many as 4500 in a single evening, more than her own body weight in insects.
  • Understanding Bats Book — We found the perfect book that will educate you and your family about bats. They are delightful gentle mammals that play an important part of ecosystem. This book will also help guide you where best to hang your bat house
  • GB&Co. – Exclusive Pinion Wood — Pinion wood is rare species of Pine found only in the mountains in the Southwest. When burned, it is extremely aromatic that acts as a natural mosquito repellent that keeps pesky ‘skeeters away! The Navajo Indians have burned this incredible wood to keep insects away. As an added bonus, it has a wonderful unique and pleasantly distinctive fragrance. Our pinion firewood lights easily, has a long burn rate and generally leaves little ash to clean up.

The combination of a well-designed BAT HOUSE and properly sourced PINION WOOD creates a perfect repellent package to combat those pesky mosquitos. The use of our BAT HOUSE will actually conserve the bat population and burning our perfectly cured PINION WOOD not only keeps the mosquitos at bay, but also emits a wonderful and distinctive aroma smell for everyone to enjoy! Actually smells like Christmas!

All this for $49.95.  Order today!


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