About Us


Greatest Blaze embodies the universal love and attraction of wood-burning fires and the special setting they create for family time, leisure time, and storytelling with friends and loved ones.  Sharing laughter and fellowship around a fire—the Blaze, indoors or outside—is the foundation of the “Blazer” lifestyle. Our range of hand-picked products enhances this lifestyle—the life well-lived. Greatest Blaze embodies a culture with its own code; always embrace family and loved ones, live responsibly, appreciate life’s simple pleasures.


We watched the first red blaze appear,
Heard the sharp crackle, caught the gleam
On whitewashed wall and sagging beam,
Until the old, rude-furnished room
Burst, flower-like, into rosy bloom;
While radiant with a mimic flame
Outside the sparkling drift became,
And through the bare-boughed lilac-tree
Our own warm hearth seemed blazing free
-from Snow Bound by John Greenleaf Whittier (1866)
widely considered one of the great American writers and one of the “fireside poets”.

Here at Greatest Blaze & Co. We Love Fire

Not the destructive kind – those we can’t stand. We love a warm and cozy fireplace with a glass of Cabernet. We love the crackle and snapping of seasoned firewood as it burns. We love watching the small sparks of a campfire float up to star-filled skies. We love the taste of meat seared by hardwood charcoal. We are not alone and we know it.

When humans discovered how to make a fire it was obviously an important moment in civilization. Hundreds of thousands of years and infinite “blazes” later, the essence of a controlled fire remains the same. Fire naturally provides light, warmth, and sustenance. We were taught at a young age not to take these things for granted. That a good fire could provide much more than these basic life necessities. It was instilled in us that splitting, stacking and burning wood can provide fulfillment and enjoyment at the same time. Harvesting and processing firewood could and in fact should be done with your bare hands. Whether alone, just you and the splitting maul or stacking a cord with the kids, the feeling is the same. The work is hard but worth it in the end for all that the flame can provide.

We started Greatest Blaze & Co. because we shared in this love of burning fires and spending time with family and friends. The world is busy and complicated these days. Things around us are happening so fast we sometimes forget the simpler things in life. Even in our own lives, we found that the hustle and bustle of everyday life were discouraging and unfulfilling. We found that our best moments were spent near or around a fire and we thought if we could somehow share those moments more often and with more people, life, in general, would be much better for us.

While on a trip to rural PA to visit colleges with his son, one of our founders stumbled upon a source for kiln-dried, insect-free firewood. After hearing about the demand in Westchester and Fairfield Counties for this clean and efficiently burning fuel he got an idea. Within a few weeks, he figured out how to deliver this beautiful firewood from PA to people in the Metro North area and help spread the gospel of good “blazes” and all they provide. The first shipment arrived in October 2014 and quickly sold out. The word on the street was that these “Blaze” guys were on to something beyond firewood. That this lifestyle was indeed something a lot of people could relate to……..and the rest is history yet to be written.

We aren’t pretenders. We know what it’s like to swing an 11-pound splitting maul until your arms feel like they’re going to fall off. We know how to properly “crib” a woodpile so it doesn’t tip over. We know that despite what Thoreau said, wood warms you thrice (splitting and stacking, then burning) not just twice. We know that we always try to fit one more log in the log hauler and that the path to the woodpile isn’t always shoveled. We’ve warmed our frozen faces after a seven-game series of pond hockey. We’ve combed the lakeshore for driftwood to stay warm while fishing through the ice for pike. We’ve seen the smile a hot cup of cocoa can bring to a child’s face. We don’t put the grill away for the winter and know to let the meat rest before cutting it. Most of all we enjoy being around our family and friends and a good fire.

We hope Greatest Blaze & Co. provides you with everything you need or want to make your life warmer. We treat our customers as we would want to be treated and we guarantee satisfaction at all costs. Prompt and professional service will always be at the core of our business. The quality and dependability of our products and services will be second to none.


No one likes being cold, and being hot can be uncomfortable.

We Believe Feeling Warm Is The Best.

Welcome To Our World.

Come In And Get Warm.

Warmest Wishes, Always,

John & Paul